Whirlow Brook Park

Most people know of Limb Valley and many also know about Whinfell Quarry Gardens, but Whirlow Brook Park seems to be less known. The up side to this is it’s usually pretty quiet, but definitely deserves recognition of as one of Sheffield’s best manicured parks.

The park is the grounds of Whirlow Hall (now a conference and wedding venue) so has all the landscaping of formal gardens from a stately home. It also borders Limb Valley so blends in to woodland and limb brook. The gardens are a lovely mix of lawn, flower beds, ponds, and nooks and grannies to explore.

The two ponds also host a wide range of plant life and animals, as well as ducks (of course) I spotted some dragon flies and there’s plenty of bird life around. The smaller pond was very low when I visited so be aware that it may be a little risky for dogs if they try and wade in.

Further into the park, the path wides between rhododendron bushes and over little stone stepping which cross small streams, my toddler had a marvellous time!

It’s a lovely space for a nice stroll or a place to explore with children, it’s also a great picnic spot. There’s no toilets at the moment, but Whirlow Hall farm is not too far away.

Located on Ecclesall Road South just before you hit the countryside.

First SPP visit: May 2017


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