About us

We are Jenni and Laura, two friends who have taken on the mammoth task of visiting every park and green space in Sheffield.

Why did we start the project?

In 2016 we joined in the Herd of Sheffield, a trail of elephants across the city that had been decorated by artists. We loved seeing parts of the city we’d never been to before and having an excuse to stay out of the pub!

When 2017 arrived we knew we wanted a new project, one that would take us to even more parts of Sheffield, and how better to see Europe’s greenest city than through its parks and green spaces?

What are we doing it for?

To raise awareness of the importance of parks and green spaces within urban environments and encourage more people to find and access their local parks.

Here’s more info about Jenni and Laura

We met at work in 2015, but now work for separate businesses. We both work for education organisatons which support young people with autism, learning and behaviour difficulties. Laura is a Marketing Manager and Jenni is a Data Manager. Work keeps us very busy so it can sometimes be hard to fit in the park project.

We both came to Sheffield to study at the University of Sheffield, Laura came in 2003 to study Biomedical Science and Jenni arrived in 2004 to study History and Sociology. Laura grew up in Wales and is very proud this, she is married and has a dog called Lola. Jenni lives with her partner and is passionate about local history, she grew up in Norwich.

New members

In 2019 both Laura and Jenni added new members to the SPP team! Laura gave birth to Sophie in 2019 and Jenni welcomed her son Emlyn in April!