Covid and Parks

Park hunting took an unexpected pause this, along with the rest of the world, when Covid-19 hit at the beginning of 2020! We squeezed in a final park visit around Heeley in early March 2020, but after that we had to wait until July 2020 before we could make it out again.

Parks were so essential to everyone’s wellbeing during lockdown, they offered a life line for so many. We both live near parks (Meersbrook and Norfolk), both of which offered us a chance to exercise, enjoy nature and later on socialise. As we both have toddlers now they also offered some fresh air and entertainment for busy little people.

And parks took on a new life! People have used them like never before. We certainly explored areas of our local parks we’d never been to before and visited more than ever. On more recent park visits we’ve seen green spaces rammed full of park users where usually they’d be empty!

We hope that parks continue to be loved and used. Sheffield is blessed with the best parks and green spaces and it’s been amazing to see them be used so much.


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