A picnic in Manor Fields Park

As the sun was shining, we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to take our new babies for their first ever picnic. But which park to go to!?
We decided to hit the SPP archives and we came across a park we first visited in the early days of the project, Manor Fields Park.

Our selfie with the park sign when we first visited on Easter Sunday 2017

Manor Fields Park is so easy to access; it’s just off City Road not only has its own car park but also is easily accessed by the tram (blue and purple route, Spring Lane stop) and the bus (53 and 120).
We arrived at the park, and unpacked our extensive baby kit including multiple bags and the prams. We took a meandering stroll through the park before finding our perfect picnic spot.

The park exceeded our expectations! It really does has so much to offer!
It’s certainly a park for nature lovers, offering a pond, a brook, wild flowerbeds, multiple species of butterfly, birds and beautiful trees with the back drop of stunning views across the city and to the countryside beyond!

We also found there to be excellent facilities for kids inducing two play parks, picnic areas, meadows for ball games and some interesting art sculptures.

If you’re into fitness, the park is certainaly full of opportunities such as running routes and an outdoor gym.

An Outdoor City running route

We had such a lovely afternoon sitting in the sunshine with our babies, enjoying lots of tasty picnic treats. We really do recommend a trip to this gorgeous urban paradise whether for a jaunt through nature, a quick bike ride or an adventure with your little one! Enjoy!

Fab to be out and about in a park!

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