Sheffield Park Project the App!

SPP the app is currently in development and will be an exciting next step for our project.

Using the map we have been building since the project started, the app will allow the people of Sheffield to find the parks and green space within their communities, or to discover new places. The app will have GPS functionality built in, so you will be able to see what green spaces are near you. It will also include a search function to help you find new and exciting green spaces around Sheffield using criteria such as whether a park has a cafe, a dog free area, parking, tennis courts, etc.

We need your help

We know a fair bit about Sheffield’s parks and green spaces now, but not as much as the people who live in the locality or are involved in supporting those green spaces.

We have put together an online form to collect the information we need to help build the most informative app possible. This form has been developed from a consultation we held earlier in the year and will mean we can include the most useful park and green space information in the app.

If you are a Friends group, it will also allow you to add to a short profile page that will be featured on each park or green space. You can add a website or social media links for your Friends group, provide information about volunteering and a history of the park .

If you think you know a park or green space really well, then please help by completing this short form:

Any data you share with us can be removed or amended at any time by contacting us through our Contact Us form

Thank you so much!





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