A year of SPP

The 4th March 2018 marked a whole year since Sheffield Park Project began! We thought it would be a good time to reflect on our experiences.

Has the project been what you expected?

Laura: Better than expected and I feel that SPP has become so much more than just visiting parks.

Jenni: Yes, I agree. We now have a logo and website which we would never have dreamed of when we started. We hoped that people would like our idea, it started just as a fun way to spend time together and has grown in to a way to raise awareness of Sheffield’s parks and green spaces!

What has been the best part of the last year?

Laura: For me it has been exploring all the corners of Sheffield and sharing it with all of our followers. The project has taken us to parts of Sheffield neither of us have ever been before and through our social media we’ve been able to tell people about the lovely place we’ve visited and hopefully they’ll visit too!

Jenni: I have enjoyed connecting so much with the community. The excitement and enthusiasm towards the project has been unexpected and quite overwhelming. I have loved feeling more a part of Sheffield as a whole.

Have you had any challenges along the way?

Laura: Yes! Fitting in park visits around our busy lives has often been a challenge. We have tried to plan in the visits, but other commitments crop up. We have found ourselves spending less time in parks than we would like to because we have so many to get around.

Jenni: I often feel guilty I can’t give more to project because of real life things like jobs and social lives. But I am really proud of what we have achieved given our time constraints.

Everyone wants to know, where is your favourite park?

Laura & Jenni: Winfell Quarry Gardens!! It’s like walking in to Jurassic Park (our joint favourite film).

Laura: From a more personal point of view, I live near Norfolk Park and spend a lot of time walking my new puppy there, for me I absolutely love the view over Sheffield from the top.

Jenni: I argue the Meersbrook Park view is better! We have also enjoyed the vibes in many of the really community centred parks around the city, for example Handsworth Park, Ecclesfield Park and High Hazel Park.

What’s your funniest moment?

Jenni: Probably when Laura fell over flat on her face in the car park between Concord Park and Woolley Woods!

Laura: I was fine, it was more my pride that was damaged.



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