Heeley People’s Park

Heeley People’s Park is a little different to other parks in Sheffield – it’s entirely owned by people and businesses that love it. It’s independence from the Council really shows as the park has an entirely different vibe to other parks around.

The park was built on previously abandoned land which had been cleared of housing to make way for a doomed dual carriage way in the 70s. Heeley Development Trust, who runs the park, was developed out of the community effort to turn the derelict land in a community owned and run space.

The park is beautifully landscaped- despite being divided by multiple roads, it flows up the hill towards a wooden Fort precides over the space. The park is littered with landscaped features – a mini amiptheatre, slopes, woodland, meadows and flat grass land.

From a recreation point of view there’s lots to do! A bike track winds it’s way through the wooded edge of the park (please mind the road), two large climbing boulders sit in the park and there’s a very popular play park. Recently refurbed, the play park is entirely wooden which is quite unusual for a sheffield park.

The other benefit of the park is its proximity for some very good pubs! Both the Brother’s Arms and Sheaf a view pubs over look the park and are excellent real ale pubs.

Parking is plentiful on the streets that criss cross Heeley People’s Park. It’s not the biggest park, but can offer a lot to explore or a lovely play to sit and relax.

First SPP visit: 12th March 2017

Click here for the park website


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